In honor of the baby reveal craze, we decided to create a video (Lindsey, my wife, performed the magic behind the lens) and pair it with some sweet music courtesy of Fruer's "Doot Doot". We aren't necessarily cutting a cake or popping a balloon for the surprise, but we like to think a non obligatory calligraphy recording can make just as big of a splash.

My favorite bit is when the synthesized drums hit and sync almost (too) perfectly with the downstroke of the letter 'G'. It's like all of the 80s stars aligned and held hands for a brief moment in time to celebrate our announcement; and by stars I mean Patrick Swayze (rest in peace), Emilio Estevez and George Michael.

So this is our dramatic baby reveal. Hint: the name is within the script (sort of). We're having a...

That's right, a little girl. Lindsey and I couldn't be happier. If my clue wasn't apparent, well you'll just have to stay tuned to our next reveal: baby name.

For the announcement, I went with a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen. I made an animated GIF in case you get tired of pressing play and listening to the amazing music that goes along with it. 

You can also check out a lower resolution GIF over on in a brush.

I realize this is old news for most family and friends, but my Mom has persistently requested an easier way for her to reference "the reveal" to all of her friends rather than having to search Facebook or Instagram