Frequently Asked Questions

What's your favorite color?

Just getting you warmed up. BTW, It's black if you haven't noticed.

How did you get into lettering & calligraphy?

I started off as a mark/type predominant logo designer around 2008—right out of college (Towson University). I noticed a lot of my concepts

What do you recommend for someone who is interested in beginning lettering?

Study often and copy the work from artists who inspire you. Yes, you heard me correctly. Copy their work so you can figure out how the artist was able to execute the concept. Be cautious and make sure to never publish this work publicly as your own.

What do you recommend for someone who is interested in beginning calligraphy?

You can learn basic calligraphy fundamentals through my Crayligraphy series to get your feet wet. I always tell beginners to start with firmer brush tips because they allow for more resistance between the pen and the paper. This resistance creates better control and makes writing much easier.

What is your process like?

My process is pretty consistent, but with each project there is always room for some kind of modification. Learning new techniques allow for more efficiency which in turn, creates an improved process. For lettering, I begin with writing. This writing consists of both a description outlining the content and goals for the project. I also utilize the art of calligraphy to begin writing the wordmark or phrase. Both of these techniques are essential practices within the developmental phase of a lettering piece. I use various writing instruments to find interesting relationships between letterforms and to find characteristics that will help define the perceived feeling I’m trying to evoke. Once I find the best direction, I begin the lettering stage by drawing each letterform. This is an iterative process that includes several stages of refinement by illustrating, erasing, tracing, rinse and repeat. Once I’ve taken the concept as far as I can by hand, I scan the image and begin the digitization process.