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—Resolving the tyranny of design discord.

Allow me to introduce myself

ABOUT: My name is Colin Tierney. I run Tierney Studio, a design loft located in the heart of historical Shepherdstown, West Virginia. I just recently relocated from Baltimore, Maryland (not so fun fact: I’ve moved 12 times in the last 10 years). Moving aside, clearly I had a love for traveling, but I have since settled down with my beautiful wife and children. I specialize in lettering, calligraphy, illustration & branding.

THINGS I’VE DONE: I’ve had the pleasure utilizing these skillsets in working with clients from all over the world. I’m the founder of Crayligraphy and in a brush. My work has been published in several books, featured on the interwebs, recognized & awarded around the globe.

Photography by  Pangtography  in Shepherdstown, West Virginia

Photography by Pangtography in Shepherdstown, West Virginia


My focus here is to help you. Whether that’s helping your business thrive by developing a face for your company or teaching you the ins and outs of lettering and calligraphy. It’s always gratifying to build a foundation for my clients through identity design and a gateway for my students through hand lettering.

Eight years ago, I realized my love for typography. Specifically, the care and attention I was giving to the type within the logo. I often wanted the letters to do something visually different to better align with the corresponding mark or illustration. Stripping type down to its bones so that I could better understand its intention helped me build off of the letters by adding different elements.

While this process worked for awhile, it didn’t take long before I picked up a brush pen and practiced calligraphy every day. Creating unique letterforms through the art of writing & drawing seemed like a natural progression in my interest in typography. Instead of taking the time to meticulously alter an existing typeface, I am now able to be more intentional with my design by mastering the art of hand lettering.

Having the knowledge to design through several outlets (calligraphy, hand lettering & illustration), allow me to make the best design decisions for your business, which in turn, helps you grow.

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