After all, Crayolas are the instruments responsible for forging our paths into the aspiring artists we once were & still are.

Nostalgia is enough to evoke the curiosity in creating really cool letters with a marker. Never mind the untraditional manner in doing so—calligraphy with a Crayola is far less intimidating than a brush pen. Plus, Crayola markers are cheap, easily accessible and most of all, fun!

Your interest might make you hastily search for a pen that you've seen skilled calligraphers use, tricking you into thinking that their pen could potentially make your learning experience easier. Perhaps you've asked the infamous “what pen is that?” question, only to have it unanswered and drown in a pool of hopelessness. While picking a Crayola marker out of a lineup full of prestigious pens may be simple—I've got some news for you:

The tools absolutely do not make the craftsman.

The work that you envy from the artists you love, have sacrificed thousands of hours of deliberate practice to be able to hone their craft and create beautiful pieces of art.

Now it’s time for you to showcase the skills you admire in your own unique style.

I want to help you get to that next level. I want to inspire you to be your best self. I want you to put in the effort that it takes to become as good—if not better—than your idol. I'll provide detailed material to reference and relatable experiences—the good and the bad—that I went through as a beginner, to help motivate and keep you on track to fulfilling your goals.I'll help you reach these goals.