I was approached by State Bicycle Co. and asked to be their featured artist for the 8 consecutive weeks. I created custom inspirational lettering, slapped it overtop some beautiful photography and posted every Monday for their “Monday Motivation” artist series.

They shared the images on their Instagram to help inspire their audience to get their week kicked off in the right gear. 

I was given free rein for the project so I was able to choose the phrase that I hand lettered. Because of the creative freedom, I intentionally explored a different lettering style for each piece.

Feel free to check out my interview over on The State Bicycle Co. Blog.

I offer several free wallpapers of the above lettering if you would like to download them for any device of your choice. 

State Bicycle Co.

State Bicycle Co. is an innovative manufacturer, distributor and retailer of fixed-gear and single-speed bicycles based in Tempe, Arizona. State Bicycle Co. has gained tremendous popularity and has become a leader in the urban cycling market.

CLIENT: State Bicycle Company

WORK DONE: Custom hand lettering.