When Mike Jones, founder of the amazing conference Creative South, contacted me about designing a tee shirt for conference attendees to take home in their swag bag, I jumped on the job. The theme for Creative South 2016 was Refuel Your Inspiration. Based on this theme, I was given creative freedom to come up with a concept that was directly relatable to this idea of “refueling.”

Mike suggested exploring some ideas around vintage gas station signage and playing off of the idea of fuel. I referenced a lot images and through my research, I noticed two recurring theme: the use of varying typography to display hierarchy within the information provided and a lot of warm colors.

I decided to break out my trusty Crayola markers and began conceptualizing through lettering and Crayligraphy.


Creative South

Creative South is a weekend of creative thinking, collaboration, and exploration in Columbus, GA. Attendees enjoy workshops, talks focused on process and experience, and meeting old friends as well as making new ones.

CLIENT: Creative South

WORK DONE: Hand lettered conference themed T-Shirt and workshop.