Get Your Name Lettered For Free!

Every Thursday I post a picture of someone's name that I've either lettered or calligraphed. If you wish to have your name (or someone else's) written or drawn, you can comment on the latest #colinyouout post with the hashtag #colmeout followed by the name you are requesting. I choose this name by randomly selecting one commenter each week.

You can utilize any platform: FacebookTwitter or InstagramChiming in on each platform gives you better odds at being selected for that week.

Just a few guidelines to review before you submit:

  •  Please request only real names. That is, don't request a business or handle name (if your handle name is anything other than your real name).  

  • If your name is selected, feel free to share the post, but please give credit.

  • You have until the following Wednesday to comment on the latest post.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @TierneyStudio

Get started by adding your name to this Tweet:  @@Colin You Out! Get your name lettered for free!@@

Have You Been   Previously Col'ed Out?        Purchase Your Print!

Have You BeenPreviously Col'ed Out?


Purchase Your Print!