You Will Learn Crayligraphy If You apply Yourself

If you're a beginner, you won't master this skill-set overnight. But, learning calligraphy with a marker will be easier than any other pen. If you are intentional with your practice and show up everyday, you will improve sooner than expected.

Setting aside twenty minutes a day to practice diligently will translate into you becoming really good, really fast. Since Crayolas are not brush pens, by default, they have a firmer nib with a subtle flex, allowing you to create thin lines and broad strokes with ease.

You will fail. You will get frustrated. But, don't let this deter you from practicing daily. If it's a challenge—sure, hesitate, but make sure you do it. Do it again. Do it several more times. Turn around, look back and laugh. I go days with unsatisfactory work, but I keep grinding and eventually, things just start to work out.

Prioritize practicing patience from the very beginning and you will get better.

So, tools don't make the craftsman? That's right. I'm honoring this phrase by showing you that it doesn't matter what fancy writing tools you use. I'll teach you to understand the rules and then break them responsibly. Join me in the journey to learning Crazy Crayola Calligraphy!