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Get Your Name Lettered For Free!

Every Thursday I post a picture of someone's name that I've either lettered or calligraphed. If you wish to have your name (or someone else's) written or drawn, you can comment on the latest #colinyouout post with the hashtag #colmeout followed by the name you are requesting. I choose this name by randomly selecting one commenter each week.

You can utilize any platform: FacebookTwitter or InstagramChiming in on each platform gives you better odds at being selected for that week.

Just a few guidelines to review before you submit:

  •  Please request only real names. That is, don't request a business or handle name (if your handle name is anything other than your real name).  

  • If your name is selected, feel free to share the post, but please give credit.

  • You have until the following Wednesday to comment on the latest post.

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @TierneyStudio

Get started by adding your name to this Tweet:  @@Colin You Out! Get your name lettered for free!@@

Have You BeenPreviously Col'ed Out?   Purchase Your Print!

Have You BeenPreviously Col'ed Out?


Purchase Your Print!

from 50.00

If you have been chosen in a past Colin You Out! post and would like to purchase your lettered name, please select the Colin You Out! option. If you have yet to be chosen, but wish to have a name lettered anyway, please select the Col Me Out! option. Feel free to submit an entry by commenting each week on the latest post. Read more about the series and have a chance to win for yourself!

Product Details:

  • 7" x 5" print on recycled acid-free 96 lb paper

  • Custom hand lettered print

  • Traced from original lettering piece with black pigma Micron ink

  • Hand-embossed and packaged in a kraft mailer

  • Free US shipping

  • Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your print. 

Frame not included

Purchase Your Print!